Three-stage study (2018–2023)

The study comprises three cross-sectional surveys conducted in 2019, 2021 and 2023, each using the same questionnaire. Provided below is further information about these three data capture points, as well as the survey design and preparation phase undertaken in 2018.

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During 2018, the first group of participating universities were secured and the survey instrument was designed and tested.

Survey A

The first data capture for the Teaching Cultures Survey is being undertaken in two runs: one in early 2019 and one in late 2019.

Survey B

The second data capture for the survey is planned for 2021, although this date will be discussed and agreed by participating universities in 2020.

Survey C

The final survey data capture is planned for 2023. On completion, a short report of overall study findings will be available here.

Survey preparation (June–December 2018)

Outlined below are the key steps taken to prepare for the Teaching Cultures Survey, undertaken in late 2018

June–Oct 2018

Securing agreement of first group of universities to participate in the survey: top-ranked universities with a particular commitment to teaching and learning from a range of countries worldwide were prioritised. Many participating institutions have recently made, or are planning to make, changes to how they support, evaluate and/or reward teaching achievement.

Sept–Dec 2018

Design and test of the survey instrument: A short questionnaire was developed, designed to take six minutes to complete. In addition to basic demographic information (e.g. gender, post, academic discipline), it was designed to capture feedback on the attitudes, aspirations and experiences of the teaching culture of the academic community. Pilot interviews with a range of academics from the initial group of 13 participating universities (from eight countries) were used to ensure the questionnaire’s comprehensibility, coverage, length and structure, as well as its applicability across different institutional contexts.

Stage A of the survey (2019)

Stage A of the survey has been undertaken in two runs: the first for a group of 13 universities that participated in the survey in early 2019, and the second for a group of around six institutions that will participate in October 2019. The timeline for these two survey runs is given below.

Jan–Feb 2019

Run 1. Survey distribution and data capture: versions of the questionnaire, tailored to each institutional context, were launched across the first 13 universities participating in Stage A of the project.

March–June 2019

Run 1. Data analysis and documentation: findings from the first 13 institutional surveys were analysed. The analysis considered both overall patterns and the differences in perspectives and experiences by respondent demographic (gender, seniority, role, discipline, etc.) and the differences between individual institutions and the amalgamated findings across all 13 institutions.

May 2019

Run 1. Findings from the interim amalgamated data set: standout findings from the amalgamated data set across the first 13 universities participating in the survey were presented at the annual meeting of universities engaged in improving the reward and recognition of university teaching (see here).

June–July 2019

Run 1. Circulation of institutional findings: each participating university was send their confidential survey findings, including an institutional report (summarising key findings with comparisons to the amalgamated data set) and an institutional spreadsheet of findings for each survey question.

June–October 2019

Run 2. Preparation and launch of survey: preparation for and launch of Run 2 of the 2019 survey at around six universities worldwide.

November 2019–January 2020

Run 2. Data analysis and documentation: findings from the second group of institutional surveys will be analysed and reports/spreadsheets of findings will be prepared. It is anticipated that these will be made available in January 2020.

January–February 2020

Short report of Stage A amalgamated findings: following the data analysis for Run 2, a short report will be prepared of the findings from all 18–20 universities that participated in Stage A of the survey. This report will be made available on this website (see here).